Have you ever walked into a Church and been wowed away from the Parking Lot to the Children Ministry Check-In? If you have or have not, the experience changes your mood and behavior right away. I LOVE to SEE Bright colors, covered DRAPED WALLS, DESIGNS ALL OVER THE BUILDINGS, signages and of course a smile from greeters!


Yes, you’re right. To transform a space, it does require an investment, but I can guarantee this will be one of the best investments impacting a guest Experience!

Now more than ever, we have to focus on the Transformation of Your Portable Church Venue for the Guest Experience through Fabric Solutions.


We created the term fabric solutions #churchfabricsolutions and we best describe it as a series of unique fabric products enhancing an environment using seat cover sections, pipe and drape kits, scuba walls, quick walls, and tension fabric displays.

We are the experts when it comes to fabric solutions! Here is your guide To Fabric Solutions that will transform your Portable Church Venue!

Here are the 5 Fabric Solutions

1. Pipe and Drape Kits

Pipe and Drape is a fast and easy way to transform a room. Pipe and drape is often used to cover items on a wall, change the look of a room, add color, divide a space into multiple areas or make a room smaller and more intimate.

See how this church uses Pipe and Drape Kits during worship which covers the walls #distractions


See how this Life Water church makes a space more intimate for guest during a worship experience.

Love how Church by the Highlands uses a printed pipe and drape kit.

Tip :

  • If your looking to block out any area please make sure to purchase a black out velour
  • When setting up your pipe and drape kit make sure to set up in 10’ increments

2. Seat Cover Sections

Seat cover sections were created by us! We were the first to manufacture this product and is our number 1 transformation product today! It’s very simple; you cover empty sections and guide guests into designated sections. Use these seat covers for your next service.

seat cover mobile church blog guide

See how Vous church using our seat covers to cover up seating in the back of the sanctuary.

Tip :

  • Store your seat covers in a road case for easy transportation.
  • When setting up make sure to have 2 people when setting up.

3. Scuba Stretch Wall

We can’t take credit for this innovative product! I just know there was a monopoly when it came to this product. We just enhanced it and made it better! Simply put, it’s a drape curtain with ring magnets hung on a suspended drop ceiling! Mostly used in classrooms.

Here is our rendering breakdown of the product

scuba wall portable church with magnet

See our #setupheroes in action setting up the Scuba Stretch Wall at Vous Church

scuba wall ( portable church blog )

Love this set up of the scuba stretch wall from Sozu Church

Tip :

  • If you have suspended drop ceiling and are considering pipe and drape kits, I would urge you to consider using the scuba stretch wall instead of the pipe and drape kit! You will save so much time setting up and breaking down and also have enough storage space!
  • Scuba Wall can only be set up on SUSPENDED DROP CEILING with a metal track

4. Fabric Pop Up Display

Fabric Pop-Up Displays are portable tension fabric displays ranging in different sizes incorporating digital dye sublimation printing! You will grab the attention of your guest from a far distance using Fabric Pop-Up Displays.

Reference Sozo Kids

Tips :

  • When printing fabric pop up displays longer then 10’ make sure to have sand bags or heavy weights behind the display bottom.
  • Always see art proof before ordering

5. Quick Stretch Wall

Quick Stretch Walls are portable, modern, easy to set up, and affordable walls that stand upright, flat, and true to form. It’s the perfect solution for a Children Ministry environment!

I love how Vous church is using Quick Stretch walls in their Children Ministry! It’s creating a space for children to explore bright colors of there imagination! It’s so sleek, lightweight and easy to install.

Portable Church stretch wall

Quick Stretch Wall used at Vous Church

Now that we have schooled you on some Fabric Solutions, our biggest advice is to take baby steps, of course, we would love for you to buy all of these products, but our job is to guide and help you best utilize your space and guests experience. If you ever have any questions in terms of dimensions, space utilization, floor plans, expansion, fabric solutions, we are here for you and look forward to hearing from you!

posted on May 09, 2019 10 AM