The more I work with Churches and serve at my church, the more I realize how much TIME and STRATEGY plays a big part in the overall Church Attendance!!!

Building a church takes a lot of time and strategy, and it is not an easy task as it entails thousands of SERVANT LEADERS, huge INVESTMENTS and PLANNING to bring in a serene atmosphere for a church.

Are you Planting a church or looking forward to Planting a church in the near future? Everyone who is planting a church has this ultimate goal where they want to build a church which brings more people to come and experience Jesus.

Unfortunately, many Church Plants DO NOT provide enough content OUTSIDE THE CHURCH AND are NOT MAXIMIZING their reach!

Let’s take a look on how guest are finding new Church Plants!

1. Social Media

Social media is playing a major role in church activities. People want to see the experience via social media before attending a church! However The Bible insist on attending a physical churches not a virtual church. The biggest question is how to bring in the Google generation people over to churches pulling them out of social media culture.

In today’s world more then ever Social Media is now one of the most captioning experience new potential guest will follow. Here are some of the ways Church Plants have effectively maximize their social media outlets.


Youtube is flooding with Christian contents and sermons. I always enjoy watching Mike Todd from Transformation Church.


When it comes to Instagram Vous Church is an giant in pulling audience with their appealing Instagram stories and grid which gives you a sense of their culture.


Zoe Church hits a home run with their engagement, reviews, photos and videos every week.

2. Blogs

Lots of people love searching Google for answers. By establishing 5-10 meaningful topics that you can regularly touch on with your online audience, you’ll be able to connect with your community more effectively.

This is a great content marketing strategy. Make it your goal to consistently create blog content. Don’t forget to use Title Tags | Meta Descriptions | custom urls in order for google to find your blog post.

Look how this Blog post from Vous Church has great SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

  • Headline
  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description

3. Podcast

On the way to work, taking a road trip, walking your child outside. Everyone loves listening to podcast!

4. Direct Mail Advertising

This is by for one of the most reliable and most effective old school method in inviting people over to churches. Church Postcards and Direct Mail target prospects and increase your visitor base.

Reference by NewLifeChurch

5. Online Advertising

Churches are now are paying search engines such as Google Adwords to reach local audiences

Here is a great example from Trinity Church and Moody Church

6. Human Invitation

We all want our church family to participate in the important Kingdom work of inviting people to church and sharing the love of Jesus with them. But, this doesn’t always happen automatically — it takes intentional effort to cultivate a culture of invitation and welcome at your church. For most of us, it tends to be easier to welcome people to church once they arrive, rather than going out of our way to invite them ourselves. This is understandable — these days, it can feel pretty intimidating to directly invite people to church. Your congregation might need a little extra encouragement to take a bold step and extend a personal invitation to someone. A Nielsen Survey, research study found that 67% of American say a personal invitation from a family member is effective in getting them to visit a church. There is no better marketing other than word of mouth. This will sure invite people over to church.

Now that we explored many ways on how to reach a wider audience lets stay consistent with our content and continue to give as much resources as possible!

We live in an increasingly post-Christian culture. “Holy buildings” scare people. Rather than asking people to “come to us,” portable churches get to “go to them” and use spaces that are used throughout the week by the people you are trying to reach. The church is supposed to be in the culture and making a difference, and being mobile takes that biblical imperative and makes it tangible!

Reference by Zoe Church

posted on May 09, 2019 9 AM